7 apps for a Merry Christmas & a happy new year

“Tis’ the season to be jolly fa la la la la,” says the carol. In actual fact, it’s the season to be silly. We’ve Christmas-fied our malls, offices, and houses and if you feel that just isn’t enough; there’s one more thing that you can imbue with the spirit of commercialism.

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App makers, or the pet rock salespeople of the 21st century as I see them, have also gone all Christmas for us.

So, if you fell and hit your head as a child and want some Christmas cheer for your device, here are a few apps that will fulfill that very Christmas wish.

Just in case you weren’t certain, the double exclamation point definitively clarifies that it is, in fact Christmas. This free iPhone app promises to deliver all that is Christmas. Also included in the app is a “Christmas day countdown” which is not, in fact, the same as an advent calendar, the makers would have us believe. Worry not though, there is an advent calendar which is also ominously promises to come “with surprises”.

Christmas Tale II HD
A follow up, or “sequel” as the creators describe it, to the wildly successful Christmas Tale app, this latest version promises even more. Also a book app, Christmas Tale promises story-telling, singing-along to carols — just the sort of thing to drive you to your third glass of wine as the kids enjoy their Christmas morning.

Virtual Snow!
Another app which feels the need to announce itself with an exclamation point, because — well, because it’s free and you have an iPad (also available for iPhone). How about you make sure wherever you are, you can have a White Christmas? “Virtual Snow creates your own private snow storm no matter where you are, even in summer,” the app description excitedly announces. “From the beaches of Australia to the Saharan desert, prepare to catch virtual snowflakes on your tongue!” Personally, if one can catch virtual snowflakes with their tongue, I demand a Replicator for Christmas.

Christmas iCards
Is the thought of a whole day making nice with smart-arse cousin Becky over the turkey more than you can handle this year? Couldn’t even be bothered to send a Christmas email? Well here’s your answer. This app, allowing you post any of the “100 amazing Christmas greetings cards” onto your social network of choice — Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr — is the answer to that problem. As a reviewer of the app giving it 5 stars, a certain jen369 said, “Love this app. So many choices, totally Christmas”. And what could be more Christmas than sheer and utter laziness?

Christmas Countdown Recipes Lite
If you’re thinking of having one of your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions have something to do with being the next Betty Crocker, Nigella or Jamie then this app may just be the thing you need. Touting itself as both a countdown and a collection of “easy” Christmas recipes, the more than 200 recipes clearly means our Christmas countdown should have beguns some time in June — which, of course, is obvious. Along with the recipe the app provides shopping lists, photos of every recipe — sorry, “ gorgeous photos of every recipe” — nutrition tips, and also allows you to pesker those in your social networks by helpfully “sharing” the recipes.

Bible Reader
There are myths about that Christmas in fact is not about carols, big meals, and gifts, but rather has some sort of connection with some kind of arcane religious celebration. Bundling this app with other Christmas themed apps, it would seem Apple has heard the same rumour. For 0.99c this app promises to be “an amazing way to read & study the Bible”. Should you be a believer of this myth — as opposed to seeing Christmas for being what it truly is, a celebration of things of true value — then this would be the app for you.

A Charlie Brown Christmas app
First adapted from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts cartoon-strip in 1965, the now iconic “A Charlie Brown Christmas” animated cartoon has made the leap into 21st century. Read by the original voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins, the app is a digital storybook version of the cartoon including animated features such as dancing kids and falling snow.

It’s Charlie Brown, how can I make fun of that?

Image: Christina Rutz

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