Gearburn’s top iPhone apps of 2011

December. That time of the year where we all make lists. Lists of what we enjoyed, what we hated, what we achieved, what went wrong and what we are going to do in future to make sure that we keep growing as people. Top 10’s, Top 50’s, Most Promising, the list goes on. As you would’ve picked up over the last few months of reading my articles, I love lists…so without further ado: my Top iPhone Apps of 2011.

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Apple App of the Year: Instagram

A no brainer really. If you have an iPhone and don’t yet have Instagram, leave now and only come back once you’ve downloaded it. Seriously now, it’s free.

For the uninformed: Instagram is photography/social networking app that lets you take photos, apply well-designed filters and then share them on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. You can geo-tag your pictures, add titles and even throw in a bit of tilt-shift if you’re feeling arty. The real beauty of this app however, is in the clever social networking aspect that comes built into the beautiful UI. Much like Twitter, you can follow and be followed by friends and users all over the world and share your creations. Currently sitting at around 14.5 million iOS users, I believe they’ll see a significant jump now that they’ve been awarded this prestigious title.

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