Geeks will always geek out: tech designer dresses

There are a few geeks floating about out here on the web and a few fashionistas too. So it is with no surprised that more than a few people got excited about these illustrations. It seems some very talented DeviantArt fan decided to create one-of-a-kind design sketches based on popular sites. Yes, it’s very exciting.

Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Megaupload, Google, MSN and DeviantArt are featured. They are actually quite stylish dresses and feature key elements of each site. Each dress is the same colour as the site it represents, but it also tries to embody what the site is. Twitter’s dress has a little bird around the waistline, YouTube has a time tracker and Facebook’s iconic F floats down from the front of the dress.

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My favourite is definitely the elegant YouTube one, where the colour flows quite seamlessly. I am not wild about the Wikipedia dress –too Victorian — and it feels like I could hide a couple of small children underneath the gown.

Yahoo’s dress just feel like its trying too hard (which is very fitting for Yahoo) and Twitter seems to be taking a risk with a very sexy high slit dress.

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