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Prometheus trailer to produce Twitter ad response

The buzz around Prometheus just keeps on growing. After all that has been done to promote the Ridley Scott flick, you’ve got to ask: what more can they possibly do? Glad you asked. UK’s Channel 4 is kicking things up a notch with live tweets, reports MediaWeek.

Channel 4 will be airing the world premiere of the trailer to Prometheus on Sunday 29 April, which will be followed by viewers responses to the trailer from Twitter. The selection of tweets will be broadcast during a special 40-second ad slot.

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Prometheus, which is shot entirely in 3D, is set in the Alien universe with its own separate storyline and doesn’t star Sigourney Weaver. The film follows the crew of Prometheus as they explore an advanced alien ruin while searching for the origins of humanity researchers believe is from an alien single entity.

Fox has been quite busy promoting this movie. In February, the production house partnered with TED to produce a TED Talk from the future, through a video set in 2023. The talk saw Guy Pearce take the TED stage as CEO of the Weyland Corporation. Fox also released a viral ad that featured Michael Fassbender as “David” the soon-to-go psycho robot. Prometheus is possibly one of the most talked about movies of this year and the production house has worked hard to keep people guessing while providing enough peeks of what is to come.

If you’re keen to get a little Prometheus tweet action, you can tweet your thoughts about the trailer and the upcoming film using the hashtag #areyouseeingthis when the ad is aired on Sunday.

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