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8 powerful Instagram photos from Turkey’s protests

Turkey Flag

When protesters gathered in Istanbul’s Taskim Square for a sit-in aimed at preventing a park in the district from being redeveloped into a shopping mall, few would have imagined that Turkey was about to break out in nationwide protests.

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When police tried to break up the initial sit-in the protesters fought back and were soon joined by others. They eventually took over the square, with other protests taking place around the country. The intent of the original protest was quickly displaced by deep-seated issues around cultural divisions and discontent. Over the weekend more than 100 people were injured as police attempted to disperse crowds using water cannons and tear gas.

As was the case with the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement, social media has been an incredibly important (although potentially flawed) means of keeping the world informed about what’s going on. Since those earlier protest movements however, social media has expanded far beyond Facebook and Twitter and platforms like Instagram are starting to make a serious mark.

8 powerful Instagram photos from Turkey's protests
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Taskim Square

Protesters gather in Gezi Park, the original focal point of the protests (@ugurdemiroz)

Taskim Protesters

Protesters emerge through the smoke after clashing with police. (nilaylom).

Protesters Clash With Police

Smoke fills the night sky as police and protesters clash. ( @berkbuyukakin)

Police Water Cannons

Police use water cannons to try and disperse protesters. They fight back with whatever they have at hand. (@envermcan)

Protesters On The March

In some instances, organised protest marches spread hundreds of people deep. (@gokcecagdas)

Protesters In A Building

Protesters in a building display banners showing support for their comrades in Taskim Square. (nasfe).

The Media Gets Sprayed

Members of the press gather around a police truck as it sprays its water cannon. (@banuunab).

Police Truck Blocks A Street

A police truck blocks a street as members of the media look on. (@denizhazar).

Turkey Flag

Image: pterjan (via Flickr).

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