Can this couple live on Bitcoin alone for 90 days?

Bitcoin couple

This is pretty interesting, a couple about to get married intends to spend the first 90 days of their newlywed life living on nothing but virtual currency Bitcoin.

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Austin and (by then) Beccy Craig don’t just intend scraping by during those 90 days however. Among the things they will attempt to do using the crypto-currency are buy furniture and groceries, pay rent, cover their medical experiences and life insurance, take a road trip and, if things go really well, travel to another country.

The newlyweds will also attempt to document their trials. For that, it seems, they might need some real money. That’s why they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign detailing their goals and asking people to pledge US$70 000 to see their Bitcoin trials.

The couple says they are serious about their goals too. According to their Kickstarter page:

When we get off the plane after our honeymoon, the adventure begins. We will hand our credit cards, cell phones, and cash over to the film crew and from then on, for at least the next three months, we will ONLY USE BITCOIN.

The reason they’ve included a roadtrip in their goals is because they feel “the project will get even more interesting if we leave home, away from supportive friends and family. When we’re buying from complete strangers, will bitcoin keep us from starving or being stranded?”

This part of the adventure will apparently see the Craigs attempt to:

  • Buy a reliable but cheap car with bitcoin
  • Travel at least 600 miles each way
  • Pay for gas (even if we have to barter with farmers)
  • Find car insurance
  • Stay in hotels (or camp if we can’t find hotels)

The experiment is pretty interesting and recalls some early ecommerce experiments int the late 1990s and early 2000s where people tried to survive only on stuff they could buy online. These days, that’s pretty normal for some people, but back then it seemed pretty brave. The Craigs will be going a little bit further than many of those experiments, many of which required their participants not to leave their houses. If they stick to it, that makes their challenge a little bit harder. But it also makes it a little more difficult to stick to it. The documentary crew is therefore pretty vital, although with the prevalence of social media somebody would inevitably catch them cheating if they did.

In addition to the documentary, the couple will be posting vlogs, detailing their experience.

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