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MyPermissions launches free developer certification programme [LeWeb]


Recently named one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Tech Websites, MyPermissions, a tool that enables users to have a better handle on their data and how it’s used, announced ‘MyPermissions Trust Certification’ [developers can sign up here], a free developer certification programme at LeWeb London earlier today.

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It’s taken on a huge task — taming how app developers use personally identifiable information (PII). An interesting premise considering that “more information is usually better”, at least according to several developers I spoke to at the launch.

Olivier Amar, CEO of MyPermissions thinks this won’t be a problem; “…most developers are completely above-board when it comes to the management and usage of PII. We want to support those developers and give them a platform to ensure their end users that they are honest and trustworthy with that data, and that they will make every effort to keep user data secure.”

It’s a nice hope to have. MyPermissions certainly brings to life this years’ Le Web theme — The Sharing Economy — continually expanding its services for scanning, monitoring and controlling how connected applications on web and mobile platforms access users’ personal data. It shows the types of service needed in the often invisible, data-heavy world we live in.

My take? It’s a step in the right direction but without regulation or a financial benefit to be used — it could end up being a nice-to-have versus a must-have. Amar did raise a good point however, “[ultimately] it’s the user who will drive this.”

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