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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey shows off Vine by scaling bridge

Jack Dorsey Vine

Entrepreneurs will go to pretty extreme lengths to show off how awesome their products are, but how many would go as far as Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey did to show off his company’s video-sharing app Vine.

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Late yesterday, Dorsey tweeted that he was “about to do something very interesting” along with a Vine video showing him following some construction workers.

At this point it wasn’t exactly clear what Dorsey was doing, but a short while later he started tweeting a stream of Vine videos which showed him following the construction workers up the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

As ReadWrite notes, Dorsey appears to have followed all the right safety protocols. The thought of whipping out your smartphone while standing on a bit of suspension bridge scaffolding though is bound to make anyone who suffers from a fear of heights feel a little queasy.

ReadWrite reckons that this kind of thing might be the perfect use case for Google Glass, but we can’t help but think that this footage shows that Dorsey isn’t the kind of guy who’d have been happy to have an extra hand to hold onto the bridge with.

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