Vine posts are now shared more than Instagrams on Twitter


Well. That was quick. Six second video clips from the Vine app — which launched in late January — are already more shared on Twitter than posts from two-year old Instagram.

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According to insights from Twitter-certified analytics partner Topsy, the number of Vine posts shared on the site passed the number of Instagram posts late last week, just days after the previously iOS-only Vine launched on Android. It’s an interesting trend, considering the fact that Vine has a much smaller user base than Instagram — it has just 13-million registered users against Instagram’s 100-million active users.

The growth of Vine may be influenced by the deep integration it has with the social network as a Twitter-owned app. Posts shared through the Vine app are visible to Twitter users on mobile and desktop, regardless of whether they have the app installed themselves. But Instagram pics are no longer auto-expanding images which are visible in the timeline — the retro photography app made the decision to pull its Twitter card functionality last year, which means images shared to Twitter now only appear as a link, which means that users have to tap or click on the URL and visit Instagram’s own site or app to see the photo. Not exactly the most user-friendly experience if you want your followers to see your latest shots.

Of course, this data doesn’t suggest how many posts are posted in the apps or shared on other networks, but Vine’s growth curve seems to be headed skyward. The Topsy data suggests that almost 3-million Vine links were shared on Twitter this weekend — and with the app continuing to roll out to more Android users, we’ll only see more tweeted looping videos in the future.

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