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Yandex’s new idea for search: take action from the results page


Russian search giant Yandex might not be all that well-known in the West, but unlike many emerging market clones, it’s capable of more than just copying Google.

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The latest innovation from Yandex is a feature that allows you to search entries on the results page. As TechCrunch Europe editor Mike Butcher notes, this means you could, for instance, see live prices and availability when you search hotel rooms.

The new feature is rolling in out in Turkey, where Yandex has an on-the-ground operation, before it expands to the Russian market.

Yandex completely dominates the Russian search market, with over over five-billion searches from that country every month, and is actually the fifth-largest search engine on the planet.

If its latest product really takes off and is as genuinely useful as it looks, then it may just be able to find more global acceptance and climb a couple of places up the rankings.

The search giant’s new feature is designed to up engagement by helping people take more immediate action on their search queries.

This search-within-search feature will be available on PCs first, before expanding to tablets and mobiles. Already available in Turkey, it is expected to roll out to Yandex’s broader customer base in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the next few months.

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