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Burning Hot: First Lady’s Instagram, Dave McClure’s Twitter tips, bionic eye

This week’s Burning Hot is all very social with a slice of futuristic gadgetry thrown in for good measure.

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Michelle Obama recently joined Instagram (well someone from the Obama administration did), and has taken to it like an autumn leaf to the ground. Snippets from the Obama family’s trip to Africa across Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa were visually well documented as candid shots of the family meeting with African leaders, visiting schools and attending events.

Dave McClure, the notorious Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist and founder of seed accelerator 500 Startups told Twitter his true feelings on marketing in the Valley earlier this week. Hint: it’s bad at it. Among the criticisms, he gave some useful advice startups the world over could benefit from, especially when seeking out funding.

Struggling to see something at a distance? It’s not a problem, just zoom in with your own eye. That’s what new technology, like the Switchable Telescopic Contact Lens, will be able to the do in the not-too-distant future. Making sure the tech doesn’t get in the way, it functions like a normal contact lens until you put on a pair or 3D TV Glasses, which then gives you a controllable 2.8 times zoom, which could be great for people with a condition like macular degeneration.

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