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3 top remote control options for XBMC

Apple Keyboard and Mouse

Let me start off by saying that since I discovered XBMC, my life has changed. I spend nearly every free minute I have reading up on new plugins that have launched and watching video tutorials on how to hack it to do almost anything I want it to. I also find that I spend more time thinking about how to further streamline my budding home HPTC setup. You know, from things like wireless HDMI systems to minimize the clutter around my TV, to building custom housings for any new external storage units that I might buy in the next few months as I add more and more ammunition to my home entertainment arsenal. The one subject that I’ve spent a lot of time on lately is that of a proper remote control option for my system. I can’t stand having to switch between remotes as I move between systems, as I have the uncanny ability of losing even the biggest remote seconds after putting it down beside me. Below are my top three solutions to controlling your XBMC enabled HTPC.

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