iPhone 5S, Manning and a new Batman: #StuffToKnow on the web this week

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The rumour mill is at it again in anticipation for the upcoming tech as launches are around the corner from Apple and Samsung. There were ups and downs on the web as we saw evidence of success at Yahoo!, which has been a long time coming and unfortunate news coming out of a social media startup that’s failed to match its initial promise. The worst news though was Wikileaks whistleblower Manning getting 35 years imprisonment for exposing crimes.

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iPhone 5S will come in gold & likely sport fingerprint sensor, iPad iOS 7 running behind
This will be disappointing. If the biggest “feature” of the new iPhone 5S is that it will come in gold or more accurately, in champagne (yes apparently that’s a famous colour, at least in fashion circles, as a softer alternative to gold) then I’ll be looking at the Galaxy S5 next year for my new phone, and that is harder to say than you might imagine. Yes I know, it gets a finger print scanner, big whoop, I don’t even lock my iPhone as it is, and my iPhone 5 will get the iOS 7 update, so don’t go there.

New iWatch concept sports sleek design
Oh how I wish it would look this cool, but I have to admit I doubt it. Though most people think that the iWatch will only be released in 2014 at the earliest, Samsung on the other hand might beat them to launch their watch even before Apple releases their latest iPhone. Samsung’s new innovation will be unveiled on 4 September.

The Tesla Model S is so safe it broke the crash-testing gear
It’s turning out to be a great month for Elon Musk: his Tesla Model S seems to be the safest vehicle ever. So safe, that according to the Tesla, the car, all-electric by the way, actually broke the testing equipment.


Yahoo gets more US visitors than Google for first time since 2011
Ex Googler Marissa Mayer’s strategy at Yahoo continued to gain rewards this week as tracking firm comScore released numbers showing Yahoo sites actually received more visitors than Google’s in July. Way to go team Yahoo!. Also, they still have a new logo everyday, which might be helping the visitor count.

App.net: the social network dream we were all doomed to wake up from
The social network that was meant to release us from ads and be driven for the users and developers celebrates its first birthday. If you don’t recognise the name don’t feel bad (many don’t) but it had ambitious dreams and doesn’t seem to be willing to let go of them just yet.

Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison
Somehow Bradley Manning’s bravery in exposing serious wrongdoings in the US government is being given a “light” sentence of 35 years. This sentence by the way is the longest ever to be given to a media leaker. In a surprise twist, Manning came out as transgender and will be going to prison as a woman. And she’d very much prefer it if you called her Chelsea from now on.

The banks of tomorrow: think Google and Facebook
This is going to happen sooner than you think. This right here is what keeps FNB CEO Michael Jordaan up at night. Banks will gradually disappear into the background of our financial lives. In the future, you as a customer will go to Google or Facebook or Apple for your finance needs, banks will merely hold the cash. Even now, Apple already has one of the biggest database of credit cards in the world thanks to iTunes.

I’m now convinced Google+ can succeed as the ‘social spine’ for all-things Google
Well, duh. Finally people are starting to figure out that this once “ghost town” is now a thriving ecosystem of sheer awesome. No I’m not biased at all… I swear… but seriously Google+ is a phenomenal place jam-packed with interesting people and new things to learn and laugh over. Can’t recommend trying it out enough — this network will soon utilise every one of Google’s products and there is just no way you are not already using at least some of them.


Ben Affleck is the new Batman
This is a controversial bit of casting, but it does mean he will have played heroes in both the Marvel Universe (Daredevil) as well as the DC Universe (Batman). Anyway, Affleck will now become the eighth actor to play the Caped Crusader, following the likes of Christian Bale, George Clooney and Michael Keaton.

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