Nokia takes another swipe at iPhone camera in latest ad

New Nokia ad

Not content with labeling iPhone users as Zombies, Nokia’s taken another swipe at the iPhone camera with its latest Lumia ad campaign.

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This time the Finnish phone maker has taken aim at Apple’s “Photos everyday” campaign, launched back in April to remind people that they, um…take a lot of photos with their iPhones.

Like the Apple ad, Nokia’s kicks off with the line “every day more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other phone”. At that point however, the footage quickly reverses and that narrator says “but at Nokia we prefer to build for quality, not just quantity.”

In fact, the whole ad apes Apple’s, with similar music, narration and nearly identical scenes of people taking photos. There are even side by side comparisons, so you can see just how much better the Nokia Lumia 925’s photos are (if you’re the kind of person who believes what adverts tell you).

It’s a pretty cocky move from Nokia, especially given its position in the market. As The Verge notes, Apple sold 31.2-million iPhones in the last quarter, significantly more than the 27.3-million iPhones Nokia has sold in the last 18 months.

If you want an indication of what Apple feature Nokia might tackle next, the Cupertino-based giant may just have cued it up with its latest ad. The ad, which focuses on FaceTime, claims that “more people connect face-to-face on the iPhone than any other phone”.

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