5 top apps for locking down your smartphone’s security

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Phones can be seriously vulnerable to attack. In fact, some researchers claim that Android is now as prone to vulnerabilities as Windows XP. Fortunately, today’s protective software market is full of compelling choices, although this is both a blessing and a curse. With so much to choose from, how can you narrow your search to the perfect programs? To make your search a bit easier, I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favourite security apps:

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Our first pick stands out for one very compelling reason: it provides a valuable service completely free of charge. When you’re on the go, Lookout will keep up a constant vigil, protecting your phone from malware, suspicious networks, vulnerabilities, and other dangers. It can also be used to back up data or track a missing phone.

Chances are, your most valuable possessions aren’t material possessions at all, but information and digital data. If your sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life. Keeping such data secure is a top priority, especially if you’ve got a smartphone — it lends a ton of power and convenience to your daily life, but in exchange, it amps up your need for the best wireless security.

McAfee WaveSecure
McAfee is one of the most trusted names in internet security, so you can rest assured that your smartphone’s in good hands with their mobile software, WaveSecure. While some programs offer more powerful capabilities in specialized areas, this one is a great well-rounded app that will serve all of your basic needs well. In addition to letting you conveniently back up or restore data to and from any compatible device, WaveSecure also features a device tracker.

That said, if device tracking is what you need, you can’t do better than GadgetTrak. This app focuses intently on one specific job, and it does it extremely well — not only will it work to pinpoint your missing phone’s exact location, but it will keep you updated on the hunt via email, track the phone’s activity, and even snap a photo of the would-be thief.

Of course, if the worst-case scenario does come true and a thief takes your phone, you’ll want to track it down, but you’ll also want to make sure that they can’t access any of the contents. That’s where Seal comes in handy. It can protect access to other apps with passwords, security questions, and/or swipe patterns, so no one but you can get in.

Alarm.com App
Making your phone protect itself is certainly nice, but what if you could use it to protect other things, like your home or business? It’s possible, and it’s easy, too, thanks to the Alarm.com app. By connecting the program to an Alarm.com account, you can use your smartphone to view video feeds, arm a security system, and even adjust the temperature or lock the doors.

A smartphone is a wonderful thing, indeed—it should be a prized possession, not a constant source of stress and a security liability. Give a few of these apps a try, and you’ll be able to use your phone as intended, free of fear or worry.

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