BitTorrent Bundle for publishers wants to make direct-to-fan file sharing easy

In a recent announcement, popular peer-to-peer file sharing service BitTorrent — probably better known as the thing you used to download Game of Thrones with — said that BitTorrent Bundle for publishers will be coming 24 September. The new platform will make it easier for content creators to create their own Bundles (an innovative platform that allows for direct-to-fan distribution) who didn’t have a self-service option before.

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BitTorrent Bundle started off back in May in the hopes that the company might rebrand its name for the better. In many regards, the service is associated with the likes of the Pirate Bay and Napster — which it’s trying to distance itself from. BitTorrent Bundle wants to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

With this new kind of torrent format, content publishers are encouraged to distribute their work for free while also having a portal that acts as a “storefront”. Every bundle then comes with exclusive media content and a gateway. Publishers can choose how users can unlock this gateway by either prompting them to spread the word through social networks, pay a set amount or pay-what-you-want. It’s up to the publisher.

Marketing Vice President Matt Mason says that even though there are more than 170-million torrent fans across the globe, creating a torrent requires some technical finesse but that with BitTorrent Bundle, it will overcome this obstacle. Mason further states: “Our goal is to automate the process for creators — to help artists around the world find and connect with new audiences.”

“Since May, BitTorrent Bundle collaborations have been downloaded by 18-million fans,” says Mason. “We’ve helped funnel over a million users to artist properties, collecting over 600 thousand email leads along the way. This is what people-powered distribution looks like.”

Publishers that have collaborated on this project include Linkin Park, Pretty Lights, Death Grips, Corey Taylor and Pixies. These artists have all started campaigns promoting new albums, behind the scenes footage and the other works. There’s also an open music classroom by Berklee Online which covers free in-depth music lessons in different kinds of formats.

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