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DStv adds social sharing feature to Drifta iOS app

Social TV is big. How big? Well, Twitter estimates that about 64% of its mobile subscribers use its service in front of the TV at home.

It makes sense too. After all people love to share their thoughts impressions and experiences with others as shows unfold across the screen. That’s why both it and Facebook now share user data with major media players.

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It also makes sense therefore that broadcasters would want people to share as much as possible about the content they’re airing.

That would explain why South African-based pay TV service DStv has added a social sharing feature to the Drifta iOS app that allows people to share what they are currently watching to Facebook, Twitter and via email.

The feature, claims DStv, “will provide the need that subscribers have to engage with the mobile entertainment provider, and will also help create discussion forums on DStv Mobile content”.

Moreover says Mark Rayner, CEO of DStv Mobile, the new feature will help fulfill people’s need to engage with brands and experience them on their own terms. “Consumers today are smarter and more aggressive about the brands in their lives. It’s no longer about just buying something — but experiencing it too. And as one of the biggest consumer products, television provides the consumer with the opportunity to engage with and experience it. DStv Mobile have had to adapt to become more than just products that offer television; they now provide consumers with a variety of platforms to engage with them.”

“The app is another innovation way that DStv Mobile have developed to ‘keep up with the times’ and trends to provide our subscribers with a platform to engage and share entertainment content,” he adds.

The technical requirements for the app include: iDrifta (a DStv Mobile device), iOS 6 or higher, and an internet connection.

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