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Nestle wins the internet with Android KitKat tie-in site

Kit Kat

Take a bow Nestle, you’ve won the internet today. The global confectionery giant has unveiled a site in celebration of the launch of Android 4.4, which is to be called KitKat.

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The site is an elegant and cheeky take on how new versions of Android, and tech products in general are presented to the public. Take a look at some of the KitKat features highlighted on the site.

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Kit Kat

Eye Candy

Apparently the 78 year old chocolate features "diamond-sharp bevels machined to salivatingly tight tolerances".


Tea, Coffee, Water: the KitKat reportedly goes perfectly with all liquid accessories.

Adjustable Orientation

Nestle promises that the KitKat works as well in portrait as it does in landscape. We may have to test that claim.

Cloud Based

Unfortunately you can't store your chocolate in the cloud just yet, but its taste sensation will apparently take you there.

Confectionary Perfectionary

According to Nestle "history repeats itself with every bar", "Because when we set out to design the perfect chocolate bar, we nailed it first time."

Inside Outside 2

The KitKat reportedly includes a "tri-core,wafer thin CPU with full chocolate coverage."

Inside Outside

Is anyone else hungry right now?


The KitKat is light enough to take with everywhere you go.

The Range

You aren't limited to a single model of KitKat either.

The Specs

Here are the full specs for the KitKat.

User Experience

Nestle claims that it's put a lot of thought into the KitKat's user experience.

Oh, and what would a launch be without a flashy video featuring calming music, overexposed backgrounds and a soothing British man explaining it all?

Our favourite part of the site however has to be the small print:

Wow this really is small print isn’t it? Look how tiny it is. How are you even reading this? Come to think of it, why are you even reading this?? This is no way to spend your break! You’ve just read all of that stuff about how awesome the KITKAT 4.4 is and you still haven’t run out and got one? Wow, tough crowd.

As soon as I finish writing this I’m gonna get one from my secret stash and go drink milk through it like a straw. I have to keep my stash secret because my grandmother looks at me all puppy eyed if I don’t share it with her. Is it still puppy eyed if it’s your gran? I suppose it would be gran eyed? Or granny eyed? Let’s go with granny eyed. I feel like we’ve just coined a new phrase. Where’s the ‘trademark’ symbol on this keyboard? Ah here it is . GrannyEyed. I wonder if that’s legally binding? Hey, let’s see if we can get it trending! #GrannyEyed. Tweeted. The Internet has it now. It’s out of our hands. I feel like we’ve just started something epic. Ok, well this was a lovely chat. I’m gonna go and grab that KITKAT now. Fancy a break?

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