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Samsung taps classic TV, movies for Galaxy Gear ad

Galaxy Gear ad

Samsung’s been pretty adamant that the Galaxy Gear isn’t a smartwatch — the Korean tech giant prefers to call it a lifestyle companion — so it’s interesting that it’s hearkened back to some pretty iconic smartwatches from film and TV for the latest Gear ad.

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The ad, which comes from the company’s US division, includes watches from shows like detective romp Dick Tracy, classic cartoon sitcom The Jetsons, and Star Trek. The basic premise being that we’ve been waiting for this technology for a long time.

If the various references in the ad do suggest an evolution, leading toward the Gear itself, then we’d like to suggest that design genes from the 1979 Star Trek device are probably the strongest in the Gear.

Of course, the difference between all the smartwatches and wrist communicators featured in the ad is that none of the fictional characters needed to have a smartphone on them for the device to work.

Oh, and if you’d rather see the fictional gadgets up close than scenes from the shows and movies, there’s a second ad for that.

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