Deal with it, Joffrey: Grumpy Cat usurps the Iron Throne at SXSW

Joffrey Grumpy Cat

No, posing with Ian Somerhalder isn’t enough for this fluff. The grumpiest feline known to mankind has now joined her internet fame with the popularity of the most pirated show on television. Yes, we’re talking Game of Thrones.

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Grumpy Cat dropped by the Game of Thrones exhibit at the South by Southwest festival, and spent some time resting on the series’ iconic Iron Throne. The moment was subsequently photographed, overlaid with text which combined the TV show’s memes with Grumpy’s own standard ‘awful’ and ‘good’ and sent out for fans of both the series and the cat to appreciate.

The main “Grumpofthrones” image has attracted some serious attention on Facebook, after it was shared by both the official Game of Thrones fanpage and Grumpy Cat’s owners. The image has gone on to amass over 92 000 likes and 15 000 shares on Game of Thrones’ page, along with over 100 000 likes and 20 000 shares on the cat’s page.

Some of the other deviations on the meme include “Even I hate Joffrey”, “Robb Stark, good riddance” and “I sat on the Iron Throne once… it was awful.” Although, technically, the chair Tardar Sauce graced with her presence is not the actual throne used when filming the series, but a fibreglass replica travelling with the exhibition.

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