GoPro catches armed muggers… in full HD [video]


A cyclist was recently robbed at gunpoint in Somerset-West, South Africa after an armed person and two others stopped him in his tracks on a mountain bike trail. The criminals stole his cellphone, car keys, sunglasses and bicycle yet managed to leave the GoPro camera which then recorded the whole event.

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We’ve seen some really exciting things get caught on GoPro cameras. These mountable high-definition cameras are well-known for capturing people’s first-person views of their daring adventures — from surfing to skateboarding. But never have we seen someone getting mugged at gunpoint in full HD.

According to the YouTube user who uploaded the video, the muggers didn’t know what the little camera was. He hopes that the online video might help assist as evidence in their prosecution. One can clearly see the face of the mugger carrying the firearm.

Though shocking, it’s somewhat funny how the robbers managed to miss the GoPro camera; you can clearly see it protruding from the cyclist’s shadow in the video. GoPro cameras vary in price but can cost you up to US$300.

Though some people have commented saying that the muggers have been caught, we cannot officially confirm whether or not that’s the case.

Update: Reports have confirmed that the three perpetrators were arrested and the stolen goods recovered.

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