Sad Footballers tumblr shows just how awesome the internet is

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Every now and again a seriously amazing tumblr account emerges, restoring not only our faith in the internet, but our faith in the world as a whole.

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In order to be successful, a great tumblr needs to be the perfect combination of subtle satire, real life emotion, and current popular culture. Humanitarians of Tinder showed us how it’s done a few months back with their witty commentary, ridiculous visuals, and sheer brilliant concept.

Now a new player in the game for tumblr satirical glory has materialized, and football fans everywhere are taking note. Earlier this week the Guardian launched Sad Footballers, a wonderfully cheeky blog documenting the most emotional moments of this year’s World Cup in Brazil.

The Guardian, of course, is hardly the first news source to attempt to get in on the tournament’s action. The BBC and CNN both have dedicated microsites, but neither come close to the entertainment factor of Sad Footballers.

Sad Footballers is perfect because it showcases the best part of the internet: people coming together to create humour. Not to mention, the Guardian has managed to incorporate a relevant platform (tumblr) to extend the reach of their coverage. It’s genius.

So far our favourite posts have included:

A heart wrenchingly hilarious GIF of Ronaldo after Portugal’s crushing defeat by Germany

Rooney shedding some serious tears after London loses their second game. Ag shame, poor guy. Scores his first ever World Cup goal, only to be one upped by Suárez minutes later. Somebody should give him a hug.

And finally, Neymar just being emotional all the time. This is him just before this week’s game between Brazil and Mexico. We’re guessing he had an intuitive feel about the draw ahead of him. Nobody likes a tied game.

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