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Sleepless on a British Airways flight? This 7 hour train video could fix that

Sleeping on a flight can seem impossible at times, especially if you’re stuck in the far reaches of economy class. Sure sleeping pills are an option, but if you’re a little bit paranoid about what people could do to you when you’re catatonic, or taking them makes you do funny things, they’re probably best avoided. Fortunately anyone flying long distance on British Airways in the near future will have another option.

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According to Bloomberg, the airline will be showing something guaranteed to relax even the most stressed out of fliers alongside its usual entertainment options.

The video in question is seven hours long and details a real-time train journey between Bergen to Oslo, Norway.

“It fits perfectly with the wallpaper-style footage people find mesmerizing,” BA on-board entertainment manager Richard D’Cruze said after securing the first airline rights to the rail film. “There’s a hypnotic, calming and entertaining quality to Slow TV that is perfect for in-flight entertainment.”

The film is part of genre called Slow TV, which documents everyday activities in their complete length, and first became popular in 2009.

We managed to watch about 10 minutes of the video before we had to seriously fight off the urge to take a nap.

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