This clever documentary was made entirely out of stock footage and emoji


Yes, they’re back… and this time, they’re armed with emoji.

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Stock imagery site Dissolve has put together a clever video which tells the story of the growing influence of emoji on our world. Presented as a scientific Sir David Attenborough-style documentary, “Emoji Among Us” explains how emoji have permeated classrooms and boardrooms and influenced how we communicate.

The best part? It’s made up entirely of emoji superimposed on stock footage. In addition to the footage, Dissolve has shared links to the background music and narrator’s voice, meaning you could recreate their video yourself with minimal effort.

In addition to creating an entertaining way to showcase the imagery they have for sale, the company has also made the clip into a game, immersing 68 different emoji characters (from boats and clouds to fruit and cars) in the footage for viewers to spot.

This isn’t the first creative video from the Dissolve team — it also used its own stock footage library to parody generic brand videos which have no real meaning.

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