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Ebola Facts site sees massive traffic spike as epidemic spreads

Without a doubt, ebola is currently the globes most pressing health issue. Since the outbreak’s inception in February, over 900 deaths have been reported. While an experimental drug is doing the rounds and has seen promising results, not all have access to the drug, leaving technology as the last combatant of the virus more notably, Ebola Facts.

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The simple yet eye-catching website presents visitors with concise yet important facts and prevention steps for those who may come into contact with the virus. It’s currently geared towards the West African market, making extensive use of the ballooning technology adoption rate in the area.

Since its launch, it has seen over 600 000 hits and over 850 000 Facebook visits, and as the need for information regarding ebola increases, the website will undoubtedly become more popular.

Developers Big Cabal Media built the site in just 24 hours, and hope to translate the site into various languages covering the geographical requirement, including French, Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin.

Dr. Seyi Taylor of Big Cabal Media notes that technology is an important means to alerting people about the virus, and stemming what could be an even larger tide.

With the launch of Ebola Facts, we’re tackling an age-old problem of containing a deadly virus with 21st century technology. Millions of Africans are now regular internet consumers and see it as a first point of call for medical information. […] Technology is a great enabler, for commerce, for social interaction and we hope, with Ebola Facts, for healthcare. We’re been contacted by government officials and medical professionals, who are very excited about the fact that young Africans are finding new and innovative ways of reaching out to as many people as possible to help save lives.

The website has accompanying Twitter and Facebook accounts. For more information on other online portals tracking ebola, have a look at our ebola information portal.

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