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O Captain! my Captain: bidding farewell to Robin Williams [Videos]

Many years ago we met a man who woke us up every morning with a roaring good morning. He introduced us to host of interesting and deeply passionate cast of characters. They taught us to laugh, love, feel and fly.

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At 63 Robin Williams, the celebrated thespian, took his final bow on the world stage. Williams had been battling recurring depression, alongside relapses into drug and alcohol abuse with his most recent return to rehab taking place last month.

But that’s not the man we knew. The man we knew made life interesting and fun. He brought light, joy and charisma to our childhood, our teen years and our adulthood.

Good morning Vietnam

He woke us up every morning with something to enthusiastically scream about.

What year is it?

Allowed us to watch a child trapped inside a man become a father figure to two troubled kids.

My happy thought

The man we knew found his happy thought and was able to fly and defeat the villainous Hook.

Bee kisses

He gave bee kisses to little children who had lost hope to illness, bringing them joy and laughter.

I bet you can’t tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel

He counselled a scared kid on what life experiences mean and the limitations education can bring when it comes to finding oneself.

It’s a guy thing

He showed us what a father would do to see his children, even at the risk of losing them.

How about those Dolphins?

He teaches us how to be a man, sorta, as well as ourselves.

Can I call you Al? Maybe Din?

He helped a street kid find his place as a prince.

The type of guy men want to be around

He proved that true love would follow you anywhere and in the end family is what really matters

O Captain! my Captain!

So what better way to say farewell to this Genie, this Peter Pan, this doctor if not to rise and salute the captain who taught us to love and feel poetry.

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