Wikiwand is the Wikipedia you’ve always dreamed of


We can all agree that Wikipedia’s interface works on simplicity because Jimmy Wales and his buddies want to deliver the same experience across different machines. Yes, we understand but if we are being honest, we do wish we could get a kickass stylist upgrade to the simple text based UX.

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Well, the folks at WikiWand have heard our pleas and decided to deliver. The Chrome plugin has taken Wikipedia and twisted its head to give you a slick new interface offering a significantly better reading experience. Installing the plugin quickly transforms all articles on Wikipedia into a responsive page.

The way we engage with the web has improved dramatically in the last decade. There have been huge improvements in design, user experience and usability in our web and mobile experiences. Wikiwand seems to be on a mission to bring Wikipedia up to the same standards of experience for users.

“We want to bring those same benefits to your Wikipedia experience. That’s why we’ve created WikiWand, giving good old Wikipedia a great new look,” says Wikiwand.

The company reckons that its snazzy upgrades will optimise the online encyclopedia’s “amazing content for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience”.

The new experience is very reminiscent of the bolder and richer designs of the HMTL5 world. It is modern and very now. Big images and an easily accessible side bar that makes navigating the platform a breeze.

Wikiwand hasn’t just revamped Wikipedia just because, according to the company the more people using the plugin, the better things will be for Wikipedia.

“By using WikiWand you actually support Wikipedia, as 30% of our profits are donated to the Wikimedia Foundation,” says Wikiwand.

We love the new Wikipedia and wish it could stay forever but this is quite unlikely as we already know, the point of the resource is that everyone and anyone can access it. That being said, if you are not using a dinosaur for a computer still browsing on Windows 95, we encourage you to go explore a beautiful and delectably designed Wikipedia experience because you deserve it.

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