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Not just for magazines: why digital publishing is a smart business decision

Time and money are the two key components of running and maintaining a profitable business. Another factor that’s key to a business’ success is always looking for new and innovative ways to stand out by offering clients business solutions that are savvy and that guarantee them time and money savings.

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In a digitally-inspired world, engagement is everything, and is something that normal print solutions don’t always offer clients. Digital publishing can be used for various things. The most obvious being to deploy a magazine or other paid-for content. But it can also be used for corporate magazines, marketing communications, retail sales tools, catalogues, reporting presentations, annual reports and client-facing communications.

New digital publishing solutions in the market include Adobe’s Digital Publishing solution, Snapplify and numerous PDF solutions. Each has its own merits, largely depending on what companies want to accomplish with their content.

Using a premium solution enables companies to deliver content across multiple device spaces in a highly effective and interactive manner; incorporating audio, video, slide shows and 360-degree images that bring content to life.

Coupled with effective user-engagement, digital publishing solutions also provide analytical insight into the performance of content, as well as audiences’ response to it at every point of engagement – allowing future publications to be adjusted accordingly.

Five benefits of using a digital publishing solution include:

1. Reduced costs

With quick turn-around times and publishing straight to devices companies save time, resources and delivery and printing costs.

2. Publishing content immediately

With no custom coding, content can be published fast and efficiently across multiple platforms.

3. Measurable

Customer interaction with content can be tracked through Adobe analytics.

4. New ways to engage

Content-centric apps that have sophisticated text overlays, video, audio and other highly interactive elements bring content to life in a new way. Companies can create unique experiences that reflect their brand with a custom storefront, library, and navigational elements like buttons.

5. Expanding audience and revenue streams

With in-app marketing tools that facilitate social sharing, push notifications, commerce, e-commerce, custom promotions, coupons and offers there are more opportunities to reach new audiences and expand revenue.

With these kinds of advantages readily available to companies that want to improve their audience reach and create exciting, fresh content through digital publishing, the future of marketing and client engagement is set to be savvy and inspiring, contributing to business success and client satisfaction.

Image: European Parliament via Flickr.

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