Elon Musk wants to bring ‘low cost internet’ satellites to the world

Elon Musk

Elon Musk never ceases to surprise. Even when the tech billionaire entrepreneur is up to something surprising it’s still in apt character. From building an ambitious space exploration corporation to creating sexy electric sports cars, the South African-born founder of PayPal always seems to be dabbling with some kind of super Sci-Fi initiative.

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It’s been reported by the Wall Street Journal that Musk is gearing up to announce the launch of “around 700 satellites, each weighing less than 250 pounds,” in an attempt to deliver internet access across the globe.

Musk backed this claim when he recently tweeted that his space exploration company, SpaceX, is currently developing micro-satellites:

Among other tech companies interested in ambitious internet delivery projects includes social network Facebook, which earlier this year bought solar internet drone company Zephyr, as well as Internet.org — an initiative which provides free access to an array of resourceful portals.

Google, of course, has also been piloting high-altitude balloons in order provide remote areas of the world with internet access. Similar to Facebook, Google has also bought Titan Aerospace which is a solar-powered drone startup as well as satellite startup Skybox Imaging.

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Allegedly joining Musk in this quest of building a fleet of internet satellites is Greg Wyler — an industry veteran and former Google executive, who’s also said to have been extremely instrumental in developing the search tech giant’s satellite ambitions. Interesting times indeed.

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