Mxit offers CodeX sponsorship to help breed SA’s young coder generation

Mxit 7

Mxit, the South African messaging app, is offering three sponsorships for the next intake of CodeX — the local programming apprenticeship school. Through this partnership, three bursaries valued at R25 000 each will be given to some lucky Mxit users. Considering that Mxit has about 6 million users in South Africa, being chosen will not be a stroll by the beach.

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CodeX is a new incubator that focuses on breeding highly skilled software developers to grow the South African technology ecosystem. It does this by training young, talented minds to build real software products. CodeX is also supplemental to tertiary and programming training.

Commenting on CodeX and its importance, Elizabeth Gould, CodeX co-founder and CEO notes:

I travel all across the continent interviewing the companies building Africa’s digital future, and the most common thing they ask is if I know any developers for them to hire. Nothing excites me more than giving more awesome young brains the opportunity to build careers in one of the main engines driving the continent’s growth.

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To be eligible for the bursary one need not be a coding protégé — CodeX is looking for determined and creative problem solvers with a demonstrated passion for building things.

The programme makes a point out of it to recruit from youth leadership programmes, STEM schools and computer training centres. It has also taken the issue of gender equality into account and wants to improve the wider gender disparity in tech.

Applicants can apply through the Mpower Sponsorship app on Mxit or they can apply through the CodeX website. The applicants must be aged between 18 and 24 and have an active Mxit profile to be considered.

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