Location-based technology is seriously helping retailers

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With increasing pressure on retailers to enhance their customer experience there is a massive global evolution happening in the retail space to utilise mobile to literally power connections between brands and customers in–store.

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Consumers are increasingly devoting more attention to their mobile devices, and with over 16.3-million smartphones active on South African networks, it’s critical for retailers to start adapting to these behaviours and extend their interactions with customers to these channels. Internationally there has already been a concerted move towards location-based signal technology for mobile marketing apps and initiatives.

Global suppliers are driving a deliberate shift from passive interaction to active and engaging in-store experiences. Mobile apps identify when a customer is in-store so that retailers can deliver exclusive or customised offers, promotions and content, all designed to help brands build consumer loyalty and drive sales. Clients can create proprietary mobile apps or partner with existing mobile platform developers to create unique and branded apps that seamlessly integrate into the location-based signal.

The geolocation based technology sends an inaudible cue through an app and through the existing sound system in the physical store location. When the mobile app registers the signal, its presence in an iOS or Android device is immediately detected through geolocation technology. The geolocation detection allows the system to automatically connect with that device for targeted marketing.

Retailers finally have the ability to engage directly with their customers at the point of purchase.

Image: Canned Muffins via Flickr.

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