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Taylor Swift shakes off hackers on her Twitter and Instagram account

Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were broken into yesterday. The songster’s Twitter account was the first to go, with the hacker tweeting out a suggestion that her 51 million followers follow someone who claimed to be a leader of Lizard Squad — the hacking group which recently hacked into the Air Malaysia site and claims to have caused yesterday’s Facebook and Instagram outage.

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Taylor Swift, with all her majestic powers, always finds a way to stay in the news. At times, she has nothing to do with it, at least, this is the plausible conclusion, but really, her spirit is so contagious that the entire universe gathers and finds every way possible to keep her making news, however, sinister. Taylor Swift, however one looks at it, has been having the time of her life of late. If some chubby police officer is not trying to break the internet by doing a rendition of her song then it is kids dancing to her song or hackers hacking her accounts.

Though the normal thing to do would be to shake it off, because how much Taylor Swift can we have before she exhausts us, and makes us realise that our own lives are meaningless, this is important. Swift has the largest fourth largest account on Twitter, making this one of the highest breaches that has occurred on the network. The tweets sent by the hacker were deleted within about 15 minutes, as Swift or Twitter itself seemingly recovered the account.

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Shortly after this, her Instagram account was also hacked, the hackers like they did on her Twitter handle encouraging her followers to follow a user associated with the Twitter hack. On Instagram, Swift has over 20 million followers. It was not long before the account was recovered and the post deleted.

The hackers also claimed to have nude photos of Swift, and that they were willing to trade them for a small amount of Bitcoin. Swift was quick to respond and claimed that they had nothing.

There has been no further news on this, no nude photos have been released, and the hackers have quietened down. It is not clear why the hackers hacked Swift and she has released no official statement but her song ‘Shake it off’ is perhaps the best response to the hacking.

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