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Got a thing for vintage file sharing? You can now buy the Napster HQ sign

In 1999, Shawn Fanning, John Fanning, and Sean Parker launched file sharing service Napster and changed the music landscape forever. Whether or not you agree with what they did, you can’t deny the impact they’ve had on the music, and wider media, industry. And now, if you manage to put in the winning bid, you can own a piece of that history.

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The sign which adorned Napster’s Los Angeles headquarters — and features its headphone-wearing cat logo — is being sold on Ebay by Red Bull Records, the building’s current occupant.

Image: Red Bull Records

With a starting bid of US$1 000, the proceeds of the online auction will go to the MusiCares Foundation, which provides assistance to musicians in times of need.

Before you rush out and place your bid, you should probably check whether it’s actually possible to ship the sign to the country you live in. Oh, and given that it’s nearly 2.5 meters high and just over 3.5 meters wide, it’s probably also worthwhile making sure that you actually have enough space for it.

Edit: This story’s headline originally suggested that the sign was from Napster’s original headquarters. It is, in fact, from the headquarters it occupied after its 2002 bankruptcy.

Image: bixentro via Flickr.

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