Evernote introduces more affordable premium plans

Online workspace provider Evernote has rolled out a new pricing plan.

The new plans are Basic, Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium. Basic is free, and the company says that though it is free and has limitations, it is nothing that would slow an early user.

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Evernote Plus is one of the new plans and costs US$2.99 per month US$24.99 per year. The tier has 1GB monthly uploads, allows for offline access to notes on mobile, passcode lock, and has the ability to automatically turn emails into notes in Evernote.

The other new tier is Evernote Premium which has unlimited uploads and is termed the professional workhorse. It also comes with larger individual note sizes, allowing users the ability to keep all their writing, research, discussions, and presentations together in a single place. Premium goes for US$5.99 per month or US$49.99 per year.

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The company also revealed that its pricing structure is not uniform across all markets:

We also made sure that our prices were optimised in each country. In certain places, the price of Premium went up slightly or stayed the same. In other regions, the price went down. We feel strongly that price should be appropriate to your region and it shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the best productivity tool in the world.

The company encourages users to try out the different tier options and find one that best suits their needs. “There’s one that fits you today, and another that will be perfect for your future self,” the company notes.

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