Someone has invented the Selfie Shoe to enable people to take a Shoefie

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Earlier today we published a piece about selfies being banned on Table Mountain. Even with this move, and the other places that have banned selfie sticks, selfies continue to thrive. They are not dying down without a fight and inventors are making it possible for selfie enthusiasts to continue doing what they are good at. The latest invention to drive the triumph of selfies is the Selfie Shoe.

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Miz Mooz has released the Shoefie, a shoe that is designed for taking selfies. The company notes that the design is to take care of that old annoying problem of not having both your hands in the photo. With the shoefie, you no longer need to explain to your grandmother who is not au faire with the selfie tradition that your other hand is holding the phone or the selfie stick.

Miz Mooz writes on its website “Like so many companies and rock bands before us, Miz Mooz was started in a New York City basement. Thankfully we’ve moved up a few floors since those early days in 2001, and we’re still proud to call NYC home. After a few seasons as an exclusive brand for a small chain of NYC stores, we found ourselves fielding calls from independent retailers eager to stock Miz Mooz in their own boutiques”

The shoe is designed such that it has an extended toe in the front that can slot in a phone and hold it.

“Just insert your phone into the port at the front of either your right or left shoe, raise it to the perfect angle and click the internal button with a tap of your toe to take the photo.” the company explains.

The Selfie Shoe is not without its limitations, because one has to lift their shoe quite high, and well, unless you are trying to break the internet, this can become an expose (not these have not been taken before) and not a Shoefie.

Miz Mooz swears this totally isn’t an April fool’s prank (hint: it’s the kind of swear people tend to make with fingers crossed behind their backs).

If you are a serial selfie artist then you’ll probably embrace this innovation designed to free us all from the limitations of selfie sticks.

The company says that it will start taking orders on the Selfie Shoe from 2 April.

Prices start at US$199 (R1000)

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