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Just Drake it: could this awesome new search engine give Google a run for its money?

Have you ever thought of a search engine that you would rather use than Google? I mean there were a lot of search engines in the 90s that tried to keep up with the trend like; HotBot, AltaVista and AskJeeves. And at present there are plenty of attempts to provide a viable alternative to the world’s largest search engine. But let’s be honest, when’s the last time you actually used DuckDuckGo? But there’s a new player that, if nothing else, is immensely entertaining to use.

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Let Me Drake That For You is a new search engine that will tell you how anything works, as well as anything that is related to the rapper. You just type in your query, and after being greeted by a quick auditory Drake-ism, click “Drake Search,” and you’ll be presented with a selection of photos and videos. The site even provides some famous Drake sounds and music in the background while your search results are being generated. This website hacks your Google search, so that all results pertain to Drake, and provides some suggestions for what to search for. There’s even an “I’m Feelin Drizzy” button that delivers an irreverent gif augmented by some flashy additions.

Tyler Smith is the developer, and was inspired by Drakes article on Winnie the pooh. “It seemed like whatever came up, one of us could tie it to Drake, and that was the inspiration”, says Smith. It took him eight days to build it, he wanted to create something that will match up to the Drizzle texting app, which was created for all those Drake fans that could talk all day about their favorite artist, and share his latest lyrics.

This site has sparked a flurry of activity on Twitter, as most fans tweeted the site to be the next big thing after Faroo.

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