Google Chrome unleashes The Great Suspender

Chrome has introduced an extension that sounds like a film title with Denzel Washington and his definitive walk playing the lead.

The Great Suspender is here and it will sort out your problem. The Great Suspender is a lightweight chrome extension to help reduce Chrome’s memory footprint for users who like to have more than one tab open at the same time.

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It replaces the URL, with a simple screen that says “Tab suspended, click to reload” and opens whenever the user is ready to do so. A tab can be restored by clicking anywhere on the page when it is needed.

Nothing is more excruciating than slow browsers. They pick on one’s patience, plodding violently until one thumps the table in rage. On any day, when one is confronted by an exciting day of consuming information, slow browsers, or the limitation to close some browsers and not open at once is a big hindrance.

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The extensions allows users to suspend tabs manually with a click or a keyboard. Attempts have been made to do this before. The Great Suspender however has far more advanced features. One of its unique features is keeping the inactive tabs it has unloaded appearing like tabs. This allows the tabs to remain on the pages that the user had left them, preventing them from using the computer’s memory.

The feature allows users to choose the amount of time it takes the extension to suspend a tab. This ranges from 20 seconds to three days. Users can further tweak the settings to suit their habits, adding tabs to a whitelist that stops The Great Suspender from closing any tabs when offline.

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