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Google refreshes, reinforces its user privacy and security settings

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Google has rolled out two improvements to its privacy and security tools in a bid to give users more flexible options.

There’s now a new hub for managing Google settings called My Account and a new site that answers important questions about privacy and security on Google. My Account also works for those who may not have a Google account.

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The company says that people feel that they are not in charge of the privacy settings.

“Everyday, we make choices that affect our privacy and security online. Most people, however, don’t feel they have the right level of control to make these important decisions,” Google claims.

My Account allows users to control settings related to privacy and data. It gives users a quick access to the settings and tools that help them safeguard data and protect their privacy.The advantage of My Account page is that it is designed to be a one stop for all these settings, making this process easy.

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The hub also offers an easy way to check on privacy and security check-up tools, an easy way to guide users through the most important account settings. Here, users can manage information that can be used from Search, Maps, YouTube, control adverts targeting, and apps and sites that are connected to their account.

At Google I/O 2015 earlier this week, the company announced that users will have more control over the information they provide to mobile apps in the upcoming Android M release.

The new site mentioned previously,, helps users acquire answers to the most common security questions centering around what Google does with users’ information.

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