6 of our favourite trailers from Comic-Con 2015

Movies, TV shows, comics, games and cosplay. Comic-Con International is most known for two things: meeting your favourite actors in all-panel glory and getting a whiff of what’s the near future holds for movies, TV series, and comic books on the geek spectrum.

This year, the teaser trailers stretched far and wide in San Diego. From Quentin Tarantino’s up-coming Western to Warcraft and Batman trying to beat the living crap out of Superman. It’s pop culture at its finest!

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Anyways, while we’re definitely excited about these geeky titles, unfortunately for those who didn’t attend the event in San Diego, a lot of this exclusive footage are still only subject to fuzzy online leaks.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The epic battle between day and night. Superman gets pitted against Batman after being blamed for destroying Wayne Financials, along with all the Bruce’s friends and colleagues.

Apart from epic stare-downs between the two rivals, the trailer feature Wonder Woman as well as Lex Luthor who seems to play the villain.


The fourth season of the epic Vikings series just got its official trailer. Cocky as ever, Ragnar Lothbrok is looking even more serious, with the looming clash between him and his brother Rollo getting oh so close.


Yes, it’s a leaked version unfortunately. This is one of the many teasers withheld from the web for some reason or the other. If you care to trade in blurry, tunnel-sound quality for a few punches and punch-lines, however, then dive right in. The comic-book adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds is probably rated 18 for Sex and Language. Enjoy:

Heroes Reborn

A prelude to NBC’s 2006 superhero series, Heroes Reborn will focus on the chapter where ordinary people were waking up to the fact that they had extraordinary abilities. We’re not entirely sure whether the nearly decade-old reboot could live up to expectations, though we’re giving it the benefit of doubt.

Fear The Walking Dead

Yes! Fear them! As if we don’t already, AMC’s rolling out a spin-off from — you guessed it — The Walking Dead. The series bites into the events preceding the apocalyptic outbreak, sans Nick and coral Carl Parsons of course.


Probably the best trailer we couldn’t see. At least it’s the one we’re most curious about! Starring the apt Vikings actor, Travis Fimmel, the trailer apparently gives us a taste of how the Alliance first encountered the horde.

While we wait a few days for the release on YouTube, Legendary Pictures has released a virtual reality mini-series. Titled Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth, you get to experience what it’s like to fly atop a griffon over Stormwind. How epic! You can get the app here (Android, iOS), which also features Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot and Crimson Peak.

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