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Microsoft’s big ad strategy for Windows 10? Babies

We already know that Microsoft’s Windows 10 launch is set to have a little more of the human touch than its previous efforts. On Sunday, the Redmond-based giant gave the first indication of how it plans to do convey that in its advertising.

The latest ad for the new Microsoft OS, which launches on 29 July features babies, lots of babies.

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It’s pretty confident in its tone too, predicting that all the kids featured in the ad “will grow up with Windows 10.” Given the way iOS and Android have flourished over the past few years, it’s fairly safe to predict that they’ll be exposed to a couple more OSes too.

Then again, the whole ad is pretty optimistic in tone. “Imagine,” the voiceover says as images of smiling children from around the globe flash by, “these kids won’t have to remember passwords, or obsess about security.”

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That seems particularly unlikely, especially to anyone who follows the online security space.

Less unlikely is the idea that “every screen is meant to be touched, web pages are meant to be scribbled on and shared.”

There are also hints that Windows 10 will come with incremental improvements with the ads suggesting that as the kids “get better at things,” Windows 10 will too.

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