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Truemessenger blocks spam SMSes from flooding your phone

Truecaller, the Swedish company behind apps like Truecaller and Truedialler, has launched a new Android app called Truemessenger.

The app is aimed at making SMS smarter and spam-free. Truemessenger utilises the company’s network of users to verify the identify of those who send text messages. The app, like Truecaller, identifies the sender of the SMS and detect, block or report spam, fraud, telemarketing, sales, and unknown phone numbers.

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If a user marks a number as a source of spam Truemessenger saves this contact as a spammer. It then uses this data to alert other users when this person messages anyone.

The app also borrows features from spam filtering technologies found in email clients. Users can set up their own spam settings, then messages that have been flagged as spam are sent to a separate folder. Through its advanced filter options, the app creates customised filters with known spam keywords, number series, area codes or country codes.

This is the same logic behind Inbox by Google where emails are grouped into separate folders to avoid clutter.

There is a lot that Truemessenger has borrowed from its sister app Truecaller. Like Truecaller, the app assigns images, names and other informtation that can be obtained from social networks about the contacts sending messages.

The app is currently available on Google Play but is not yet available in all regions.

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