Microsoft executive makes first appearance at Apple conference

On Wednesday, Apple hosted its annual conference showing off everything iOS related. Amongst the yearly hardware refreshes, software updates, and new products, several companies showed off their applications on the devices, one of them being a fierce Apple competitor.

During the Apple Pencil segment of the event, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Office 365 Client Apps and Services Team, Kirk Koenigsbauer, took to the stage to show off Office 365 on iPad. Koenigsbauer demonstrated the office suit taking advantage of the Pencil and iPad Pro while running and manipulating PowerPoint and other documents.

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Microsoft has long had a rivalry with Apple, one which spans decades. Neither of these tech giants are the type of companies to promote a rival’s product so openly. In fact, several years ago, Apple created a range of adverts showcasing why Mac products were superior to PC.

Microsoft already has several of its products available for iOS, which include Xbox SmartGlass and Outlook. The Apple Conference was also available to live stream on Microsoft Windows 10’s native web browser, Edge. At the Memeburn offices, the stream ran better on Microsoft’s browser than an Apple Mac Air.

Recently, Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2015 will have cross-platform development for Android and iOS; with Office 365 containing Apple Mac installs it seems Microsoft is trying a new tactic than just trying to take Apple head-on.

With Microsoft and Apple catering to each other this could be the start of a stronger partnership, at least in the application and software development space.

While Koenigsbauer proudly showed off the Microsoft applications running on iOS, one has to wonder how he felt about Apple’s high-end iPad Pro looking suspiciously like a Microsoft Surface when the keyboard is attached.


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