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Google acquires Jibe Mobile, a leading provider of Rich Communication Services

Google has acquired Jibe Mobile, a startup that is a leading provider in Rich Communication Services. Google is in the process of implementing RCS on Android and Jibe Mobile’s expertise will be useful.

“Deploying RCS to create an even better messaging experience on Android will take time and collaboration throughout the wireless industry, but we’re excited to get started” wrote Mike Dodd, Android RCS Software Engineer and Minister of Messaging.

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Though instant messaging services have had much innovation, SMS has been left behind over the last little while. RCS is however right at the forefront of the innovation in the space. RCS with features like group chats, photos and videos, brings to SMS features familiar with the features of instant messaging services.

“We’re excited to team up with mobile operators, device makers and the rest of the Android ecosystem to support RCS standards and help accelerate their deployment in a more consistent way” wrote Dodd.

Jibe Mobile will not be closing down and will continue offering RCS to its users. It is not clear however how long it will remain to have its own customers whilst being owned by Google.

Google did not reveal details about the deal.

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