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Pinterest introduces a new image search tool

Pinterest seems to be on a quest to be perceived as cool, even among non-believers. Its new image search feature, introduced yesterday, looks impressive and could well be an important step in that direction.

The new image search engine is great news for all Pinterest users as sometimes they might be interested in a scarf in an image, or a light suspended from the ceiling in an image of a living room. Often some of the images describe the dining table when a user has no interest in the dining table but the light hanging from the roof.

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The new search will enable users who find interesting objects in a pin to isolate that object, crop it and search for it without typing text in the search box. Pinterest says the feature will help users find things they don’t have the words to describe.

The way that the new search feature will work is that once a user sees an object they are interested in, they can tap the search tool in the corner of their device’s screen, select the part of the image they are interested in but is not described and no price for it listed, and Pinterest will show information about the object.

The information that users will be able to see about the object in the image will include what the object is called and where they can find it. The results will include objects of similar style and colours. Furthermore, should a user require more information, they can easily resize their selection and move it around.

Pinterest will start rolling out the feature tomorrow.

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