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Landing pages: their use and importance in today’s online marketing scenario

Let us start with the basic definition of a landing page. A landing page is essentially a webpage that captures the visitor’s attention and fetches their details to be contacted later by:

  1. Providing targeted information
  2. Lead generation form

A good landing page is one that targets specific audience and provides appropriate information to the visitor without further navigating him away. Such a landing page target specific audience from an online media like that of an email or through PPC ad campaign that promotes any specific service offering by you. Landing pages are an important part of today’s digital marketing scenario as with their help, companies are able to fetch resourceful leads that are further converted in to sales. Landing pages not only attract customers, occupy organic results for your keywords but also provide targeted information to your prospective customers that persuade them to not move away from this page without providing their details. Basically landing pages of today can be re-termed as lead generating pages as well.

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How it works
In order to understand how landing pages work to the fullest, let’s take an example:

Suppose you are a design agency that provides services of web along with logo design and printing. You also maintain blog and occasionally make postings related to the trends in your industry and designing tips and tricks.

Now suppose that somewhere out there is an individual who is looking for an affordable design service to get his website and logo designed. Now while searching on the internet he comes across one of your blogs that talked about the perks of acquiring design services from your agency. As he reads through your blog and reaches to the end, he finds a Call to Action button (CTA).

The CTA button is essentially an online advertisement for one of your design services and offers free consultation. Thinking that it would be valuable, he clicks on the ad and lands on the landing page that is created for this purpose. After reading the essential/targeted information regarding the service this individual is interested in, he provides you his email address and telephone number for free design consultation. This is all that you have worked for.

Now as this individual has by will provided you his email and telephone, you can get in touch with him in person, follow up if required and convince him to book a design service from you, and as we have mentioned earlier, this is not the only way to guide a visitor to your landing page. There are multiple marketing channels that you can make use of in order to attract your customer to you.

In order to inculcate all the compelling properties in your landing page, make a check list of the following items and make sure to include them in your landing page:

  • A catchy headline: Your headline/header text is the main text/message that your visitor will receive as soon as he lands on this page. Featuring a catchy headline builds your visitor’s interest and persuades them to stay on the page or probably scroll down to find what they are looking for.
  • Content: you are advised to keep the content short and simple with easy to understand points that essentially talk about the benefits the customer will derive from your services. a customer centric approach works best for this. Bulleted points further ads clarity to your message and manages to keep the visitor’s interest intact for long.
  • Some quick facts: some quick facts relates to some quick information regarding your agency and service that basically help the customer in making a decision. You can showcase your accolades, the number of satisfied customer or even a positive customer review in this part of the page.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Last but not the least is your CTA which is the most important element of your landing page and its placement is crucial in fetching leads. Suggested placement is the top right part of your web page as your customers are most likely to see this part of the page as it loads in their browser.

    And last but not the least is a thank you note, to thank your customer for showing interest in your service and providing you his details. After this part is successfully done, the responsibility lies on you or your sales team to call and follow up with the customer and score a successful sale.

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