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Memeburn geeks out over NerdNab’s second box of goodies [video]

South African bi-monthly loot goodie company, NerdNad, is back with either second offering. The first one wasn’t all that spectacular and a bit of a letdown. Would this second box be bale to pick up the slack? Yes, yes it would.

The NerdNab team has clearly put a lot more thought and effort into this second box. The ‘Holiday Box’ features some interesting content geared towards to festive season. The items included are a Nano Block Christmas tree, mini Rory Story Cubes set, Start Wars t-shirt, and a few other interesting bits and bobs. We didn’t mention it in the video, but the t-shirt we received seemed to be a women’s cut, though it was still a great design on good quality fabric.

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Unfortunately, we could only put together the review in January, which made having to wait to play with the goodies all the more excruciating.

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The boxes are sold through the NerdNab’s website for R350 for a stand-alone box. Customers can also purchase 6-months worth of boxes for R999. The company also offers larger boxes for subscribers, such as the Nabber Plus and Motherload, but these are only awarded to a lucky few.

You can watch the full unboxing below.

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