5 steps to overcoming your fear of publishing on LinkedIn

There are many types of users on LinkedIn ranging from users who publish new content daily and spend hours on LinkedIn to those who never post content, never Share, never Like and never comment. These users are content to browse and read content without engaging or interacting with anyone.

There are those however who would like to publish content, but they are terrified to take the first step. One thing is certain, if you are hoping to get noticed on LinkedIn, you have to connect, publish content, share relevant content and interact with other LinkedIn users. So how do you make the first step?

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Do some research

There is a wealth of information available which provides advice and guidance on how to publish on LinkedIn. In an article, titled “How to Publish on LinkedIn Pulse: A Beginner’s Guide“, published on HubSpot, Carly Stec provides the following advice:

  • Stick to areas where you have an expertise
  • Keep your writing focused and avoid too many topics in your post
  • Always remember to stay authentic
  • Do not be shy about expressing your opinion
  • Never publish anything that is hateful, obscene, intimidating, shocking or unprofessional
  • Publish when you have something of value to share
  • Use video, images, documents to help bring your insights to life

The post also provides advice on how to publish on LinkedIn Pulse and offers a free guide on how to use LinkedIn.

Test the water

If you have written a piece and you are still a bit wary about publishing it, send it to some of your colleagues and ask them to read and critique the content for you first. If you receive positive feedback, go ahead and publish the article but keep it low key. Bring the article to the attention of a small audience and ask them to provide comments. Using this approach you will build your confidence in preparation for your next article.

Get an expert

If you would like to receive expert advice from a writing and editing specialist, some LinkedIn users are pretty friendly and will provide some advice and guidance. One ghost writer I know called Bruce Kasanoff may provide feedback if you ask nicely. Bruce will rewrite your article (for a fee) however the end result will be world class and your article will get noticed.

There are also ghost writer services available from companies such as GoDotMedia. The rate for an article to be written by GoDotMedia starts at US$1.60/100 words which is very reasonable. These organisations will also ensure that your article is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation and the article will be written by a professional writer.

Be prepared for negative feedback

No matter what you publish, you are always going to have someone who will voice their negative opinion. My advice is to brush these individuals off in a pleasant manner, and if they are being downright rude, ignore them. I have discovered that if you build a loyal following and someone heckles you, your connections and followers will defend you. If the negative comments you receive are valid, thank the person for their feedback. There is nothing wrong with receiving negative feedback. Quoting Robin Sharma “Negative feedback can make us bitter or better”. Opt for the “make us better” option.

Have fun

There has never been a better time to publish. Platforms such as LinkedIn provide a free publishing platform and access to millions of people who can potentially read your content. There is nothing more satisfying than publishing a great article and watching it go viral. Have fun with your creativity and add passion and excitement into your writing. All that is expected from anyone is that you have made an effort.

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