5 ways to radically transform your presence on LinkedIn

I have been using LinkedIn for many years now and have used everything LinkedIn has to offer other than the recruitment environment. Based on my experience I have listed five things that may help you derive more value from your participation on the platform.

1. Add value to others

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Make your primary focus on LinkedIn to add value to others. Take time to understand the needs and requirements of your connections. Share content that will enrich their lives that will educate, inform and help them do their job better. The ultimate id to share content which they would be willing to take into the boardroom. If they would do this, they will most certainly want to share it with their respective connections.

2. Adopt an outside in approach

Whatever you do on LinkedIn, think about the buyer’s preferences and buying behaviour. Every single one of us are buyers however we never want to be sold out. When someone is selling aggressively it is uncomfortable for both parties. LinkedIn provides a place for you to present your credentials on your profile. Do this properly and leave it up to your connections to decide when they would like to look at this information.

3. Always reciprocate

This is absolutely vital if you expect others to continue supporting you. If you publish a LinkedIn post and reach out to connections asking for feedback, make sure you reciprocate. Take note of everyone who supports and promotes you and do the same back to them. Bear in mind that the more prominent the person on LinkedIn, the more you will have to work to build a relationship with them. These thought leaders generally have written a book. If their support is important to you, buy their book, read it and provide feedback.

4. Respect rules of engagement

LinkedIn provides numerous ways to engage with other members. Use these channels properly and do not abuse them. If you send a connection request, provide a good reason why the person should connect with you. Never use the standard text provided by LinkedIn. This is just a guideline. When a person accepts a connection request DO NOT sell to them. Good etiquette is to thank them and leave it at that. Groups are there for discussion. They are not an article dumping ground. People access articles in other areas.

5. Be authentic

This is the most important point I want to convey. Your intent must be articulated at the beginning of your engagement and must remain consistent throughout. If you invite someone to subscribe to your newsletter and you promise to send them value-adding content once a week, NEVER deviate from this. If you remain authentic you will build trust and we all know that once you betray someone’s trust, there is no going back.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you have any questions or would like to comment, please do so at the end of the article. I will be grateful for any shares if you believe your connections will find this article interesting.

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