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Swearjar is the Slack bot that turns vulgarities into charity

Slack is a service that we use quite a bit at Memeburn. It’s organised our business lives incredibly, but it also allows us to vent without shouting bad words across the office floor (although that doesn’t stop us).

If you work in an office that uses profanities more often than not and happen to be on Slack as well, you could very easily contribute to charity, according to a new Slack bot. Yep, those bad words that yo’ momma hates can now do a whole lot of good.

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The bot, appropriately dubbed SwearJar, claims to convert “colourful language and buzzword-speak to small charitable donations on your company’s behalf.”

The bot scans your Slack correspondence for the trigger words, and turns each profanity into a dollar donation. But it’s not only the naughties that are monitored. SwearJar explains:

When someone says one of the week’s secret trigger words, SwearJar will direct a $1 donation to a featured nonprofit on your company’s behalf. Trigger words can be one of those classic expletives you know and love, tech/corporate/startup buzzwords, or complete non-sequiturs. We reserve the right to surprise you.

The site notes that companies can set a maximum donation limit too, which is perfect for those working alongside Eric Cartman. SwearJar also chooses a new non-profit each week, to ensure that all get a fair share of the cash raised.

So if you have a larger-than-normal swear vocabulary, you can grab more information from SwearJar’s website.

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