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15+ cats and kittens you should be following on Instagram

Say what you want about business to business, the internet of things or the mysterious force in data recovery dubbed “the cloud”. The internet exists for one reason and one reason alone: cats.

These fluffy creatures have infiltrated humankind’s daily rituals since time immemorial, hunting by our side and keeping our laps sufficiently warm. But now, these resourceful balls of fur have infiltrated social media too. They’ll probably be our overlords in the future, and to remain in their good books, we have to pay homage to them before it’s too late.

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Our cat overlords are however no more scary than they are absolutely adorable, and there’s no better place to admire them than Instagram. Today, we take a look at the cutest cats and kittens you should dedicated your Instagram life to following.

Warning: Prepare for cuteness overload.

Oliver and Charlie

If you don’t find Oliver and Charlie cute, then there’s a good chance you’re Voldemort. These two kitties take residence in chilly New Zealand, which requires a pretty bushy coat. This is a relatively new account, but their owners have posted a few snaps of them already.

What’s that? It’s almost the weekend? Play time it is!

A photo posted by Oliver and Charlie (@oliver_and_charlie) on

Princess Phoebz

Black cat? Bad luck? Nonsense. Phoebe is a rescue kitty who now resides in Yorkshire with her two humans. Although she has a midnight black coat, it seems that a pink bandana is her favourite accessory. Fetching indeed.

Lord Abercrombie

Lord Abercrombie is a British shorthair with a coat that’ll make many other kitties jealous. He resides in Sydney, Australia and also likes “kangaroo meat” according to his bio.

Pia Petersfield

Pia is a big city cat living in New York City. She’s a Tonkinese — effectively a Siamese and Burmese mix — and a model at that. According to her human, she fetches like a dog but cuddles like a human.


Ridiculously cute and boasting his own email address too, Moon is a predominantly white-coat kitten with tufts of black fur on either side of his head. His account is also relatively new, but we’re interested in seeing Moon’s progression from playful kitten to fluffy tiger.

Mutlu, Togepi, Bambi and Ygritte

Four cats, four times the fun. Happy Cat Family is a must follow account if you’re into daily fluff. Hailing from Turkey, these four feline friends (and non-related family, mind) are all adopted rescue cats. Togepi’s pictured below.

Holy fluff Daenerys on fire #horrorwithtogepi #gameofthrones

A video posted by Mutlu Bambi Ygritte Togepi (@happycatfamily) on


Proclaimed the Selfie Cat by his owner, Manny is a cat with some serious swagger. Undoubtedly making Derek Zoolander very jealous, this kitty boasts the best poses in the business. His owner does tend to post other images of sunsets, his dogs and horses, but Manny’s undoubtedly the star.

Saturday morning, in bed on @instagram like… #selfiecat #gopro #caturday

A photo posted by ⇨ Selfie Cat (@yoremahm) on

Lil Bub

Does Lil Bub need an introduction? Once the runt of her litter, she’s now an internet sensation with her own online store and 1.3-million Instagram followers. Her distinctive look (her protruding tongue and large eyes) makes her hard not to love.

BUB! #lilbub #goodjobbub

A photo posted by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

Grumpy Cat

Yes, we’re bringing out the big guns now. Or, is that grumpy guns? Grumpy Cat is another internet celebrity. You’ve seen her on her very own meme, and a number of other media as well. But she’s known for her look of apparent disdain at everything that life has to offer. We can’t blame her really. She’s still cute.

A photo posted by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on


Lobstah the cat proves that different doesn’t necessarily mean ugly. Born with a deformed paw and a number of other life-threatening anomalies, the determined Bruce Willis kitty pulled through, and now takes residence on our Instagram list.

Now that I’ve completely destroyed the sofa, it’s time to go to work on the headboard!

A photo posted by Lobstah the cat (@lobstah_the_cat) on

Buuzou, Denzou and Ginzou

These three lovable cats tend to spend all of their time together (alongside their other sibling, a bunny, named Shibazou) which makes for some adorable photographs. Known as the Zou Brothers, these balls of fluff spend their days indoors lazing around in Japan.


A rather rare but beautiful Bengal, Cito is seriously photogenic. Living in Korea with his human, Cito’s long legs tend to get tangled up in a whole lot of things, from Christmas lights to cardboard boxes.

Catootje, Cooper, Pim and Odin

Another cat family, these four are fairly adventurous, one should say. Their human calls their escapades “purrventures” and that seems about right, especially since these felines are either sleeping or getting up to all sorts of mischief.

Nugget Pancake

Pancake could easily be Lil Bub’s brother, because he too has those same big eyes and same adorable pout. His name comes from his nugget-like paws, his human claims.


Nala is among the Instagram elite league of cute cats, and is nearly as popular as Kim Kardashian too with 2.3-million likes on the platform. Spending her days in sunny Los Angeles, USA, she keeps her human and adopted siblings company (by company, we mean hiding in boxes, and launching sneak attacks).

What are you looking at? My fluffy belly?!

A photo posted by nala_cat (@nala_cat) on

Bing Clawsby

Named after everyone’s favourite big band artist, Bing Clawsby is no less dapper. His distinct love for bow ties and black suits gives him a wedding singer look, without much effort. Of course, he’s still a cat, but a damn adorable one nonetheless.

#bingclawsby wearing his #bowtie by @shannonellisdesigns

A photo posted by Bing Clawsby (@bing_clawsby) on

Paw McCartney

Paw McCartney, like his brother Bing Clawsby, is nurtured by the same human (who also manages the @CatsOfInstagram account), but also has a taste for the finer things in life. With a collar and tie, Paw has a knack for standing out in a crowd, even if that crowd is the cat-mad Instagram.

A photo posted by Paw McCartney (@paw_mccartney) on

Feature image: Pikawil via Flickr

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